Research Work

On the energy efficiency and stability of RPL routing protocol
Authors : Fakhar ul Hassan, Sheeraz A. Alvi , Adnan Noor Mian

Devices in Low Power and Lossy Networks (LLNs) based
Internet of Things (IoT) systems have energy, memory and
processing constraints. For LLNs, IETF standardized a lightweight routing protocol referred to as RPL. The energy
efficiency of RPL routing protocol has been under investigation

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Blockchain And The Future of the Internet: A mprehensive Review
Authors : Fakhar ul Hassan , Anwaar Ali , Siddique Latif , Junaid Qadir , Salil Kanhere , Jatinder Singh , Jon Crowcroft

Blockchain is challenging the status quo of the central trust infrastructure currently prevalent in the Internet towards a design principle that is underscored by decentralization and transparency. In ideal terms, blockchain advocates a decentralized, transparent, and more democratic version of the Internet.

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